Welcome to Ark Dickens Primary!  I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and hope that you find our website useful and informative. 

Through a culture of high expectations and excellence, we want every child to become a successful citizen of the world, ready to take on new adventures and challenges along their journey.  We have incredible grounds within a city surrounding, enabling us to provide rich indoor and outdoor learning environments – we even have an outdoor classroom – where we can foster independence and resilience. At Ark Dickens we have a strong and passionate team of teachers  who are dedicated to ensuring that every single child achieves their full potential.  We know every child in depth, the knowledge of which is used to provide a tailored, individualised education.  We put English and mathematics at the heart of our curriculum but children benefit from our broad curriculum which puts their well-being and healthy lifestyle at the heart.  

We are part of the Ark network of schools and work closely with Ark Ayrton and Ark Charter to serve the children of Portsmouth.  Our staff make a tremendous effort to ensure the children are well -equipped to make the next exciting step in education as they move onto secondary school and furthermore take their place as citizens of the community.

But what makes Ark Dickens special?   The children!  They are fantastic ambassadors and they would be delighted to meet you.

I would be very happy to give you a tour of the school – please call the school office to arrange a visit.


Laura Berry

Head of School



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