Ark Dickens Primary Academy is an inclusive, safe environment where any form of discrimination is opposed. All students have an equal and fair chance to thrive and learn in an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

We actively seek to prevent bullying by:

  • Promoting a clear anti-bullying message through assemblies, Academy policies and the Code of Conduct. Immediately challenging any students whose attitude and behaviour contravenes the Anti-Bullying Policy.
  • Making personal safety the focus of assemblies and tutor time so that students are able to assess and manage risk appropriately and keep themselves safe. This includes discussing the damaging effects of cyber-bullying.
  • Making students’ role in preventing bullying clear, including when they find themselves as bystanders and encouraging them to report any bullying they may be witness too.
  • Emphasising excellent behaviour, our ethos of mutual respect and reinforcing the expectation that students treat each other and adults considerately and fairly.
  • An understanding of how someone’s actions affect others, permeates the whole Academy environment and is reinforced through assemblies, activities during tutor time and through praise and recognition.
  • Working closely with parents/carers and ensuring that the Anti-Bullying Policy is communicated to them at the start of their journey at Ark Dickens Primary Academy so that they are aware of the procedures to follow if they believe their child is being bullied, the approach the Academy will take in response, and their responsibility as parents/carers to reinforce excellent behaviour at home. 
  • Openly discussing differences between people that could motivate bullying, such as ethnicity, religion, gender, disability and sexuality. We do not tolerate any sexist, racist or homophobic language and provide opportunities to discuss the causes of this form of prejudice-based language and raise students’ awareness of the damaging effects it has.
  • Giving careful thought to seating plans, taking into account a range of factors and designing them to ensure that all students get to experience learning with a variety of individuals in class.
  • Requiring students to use digital technology safely and responsibly, including not using ICT to bully or harass others. We also advise parents/carers to monitor their child’s internet access and to install appropriate software.
  • Using the Student Council as a forum to listen to students’ views about behaviour and bullying and responding to, and acting on, their feedback.
  • Ensuring that there is adequate supervision at lunch and break times and that all staff, including lunchtime supervisors receive training.
  • Giving careful consideration to the Academy grounds and the use of playgrounds, play facilities and quiet areas.

Please click here for our full Anti Bullying Policy 2017-18