Packed Lunch

Ark Dickens Primary Academy is committed to healthy eating and in order to promote a healthy lifestyle we ask that pupils do not bring chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks or other ‘fast food’ into school. Children will be encouraged to drink water throughout the day and water is made available at tables during lunchtime.

School Lunch

Our onsite kitchen caterers, offer every child a healthy lunch, cooked freshly at the school, each day. A vegetarian choice is always provided and they can cater to special dietary needs if the school is notified. Please click on the link for the new menu. New Menu after Easter.pdf

A school meal will cost £2.05 per day and needs to be paid for in advance. At Ark Dickens we use a cashless system. An account for each pupil will be created with IpayImpact. The preferred method for adding credit to your child’s account is by using a credit or debit card online at

You may be entitled to free school meals if your household income is less than £16,000. If you think you might be eligible please pick up an application form from the school office. Once we have been notified that the criteria has been met, your child will be eligible to a free lunch daily.

Access to Drinking Water

Mild dehydration is one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue. Pupils can access free, clean drinking water in school. There will be opportunities during the school day for pupils to replenish their water bottles as required.  Please note that only water may be given to children to drink during the school day.  Parents can provide a healthy alternative to water within packed lunches, such as fruit juice.

Snacks at breaktimes

We believe in encouraging our children to eat healthily. All children will be provided with a snack (a piece of fruit) as a part of their daily routine.