Football Report - Tuesday 1st December 2015

The third round of our league got under way this week against an incredibly talented Langstone side.  Ark Dickens started the strongest and were the first team to score.  The game remained close with both sides scoring before the final whistle.  The final score was 2-2, with many positives to take into our next match.

Our second match of the day was against another well drilled team, Corpus Christi.  Ark Dickens played some really enjoyable football and demonstrated what talent we have in our school.  Unfortunately the final score of 2-0, a loss for us, didn't reflect the huge commitment given by the team during the game.

With a positive mind set we threw ourselves into the third game against St Pauls.  Fast paced and physical from the first whistle Ark Dickens scored the first goal through an amazing strike by our Year 5 superstar, Adetola.  That seemed to be the catalyst for the team who produced some outstanding football thereafter.  Adetola, once again using his power to score another 2 goals - a hat trick hero!  The final score was Ark Dickens 3 - 0 St Pauls.

Our final match of the afternoon was against St Judes, who have always been a very difficult team to play against. Undeterred, Ark Dickens stood up to the challenge and also, at times, threatened to upset the odds.  With a wonder goal on his debut, Harry Drain kept the game alive until tired legs took over and the final score was St Judes 4 - 2 Ark Dickens.

It was another great afternoon, with good football on show and a fantatstic display of sportsmanship as well as all of our children living up to our school values.  A big thank you to all the team and we look forward to next week!

Football Report - Tuesday 24th November

Our team travelled to the GOALS facility in Portsmouth to take part in their second tournament.  They played 4 matches during the afternoon against other Portsmouth schools.  All children had the opportunity to take part in the matches and when they were not actually playing they cheered their friends on from the sideline. 

The league we are in is of a very high level and ultra-competitive, with many of the children playing competitive football regularly.  This did not deter our team who gave 100% effort in every match.  Despite playing some really skilful football, we lost the first match 4-0.  The children remained in high spirits and were looking forward to correcting mistakes in the next fixture.

Our second match was much closer with the scores tied at 1-1 with only three minutes to go. Unfortunately, the opposing team stepped up their game and we lost 3-1.  This spurred our team on even more!

Our third match was fast paced from the very start when Ark Dickens took an early lead.  With the wind in our sails, we carried on and scored 2 more goals in quick succession.  The match ended 3-1 to Ark Dickens.

The final match of the day saw us paired with the best team in the league.  After a hard fought 10 minutes of physical football, Stamshaw came out the other side the winners.

The children lived up to the schools values by showinbg great resilience during all their football matches, every child gave 100% effort, they challenged themselves against some really strong teams and, above all, the respect the children showed was fantastic.  Each time the final whistle blew our team shook hands with the opposing team and the referee and thanked them for a good match, something that did not go unnoticed by other schools.  A very big thank you to everyone involved and well done to our fooball team - we are proud of you.

Football Report - Tuesday 10th November

10 children from Years 5 and 6 travelled to the GOALS facility in Portsmouth to take part in their first football tournament.  The team played 6 matches during the afternoon.  All the children took part in the tournament and when they were not actually playing in a match they took part in friendly matches against children from other schools.

Despite playing some really good football, unfortunately we were not able to win a match but that didn't seem to bother our team as they remained in high spirits and were still smiling all the way back to school, talking enthusiastically about the next tournament.