Ark Schools is responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for all the staff it employs, for all pupils in its schools and for other people on Ark Schools premises.

The Board will ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to fulfil these responsibilities within the framework of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 2003 and other Regulations made under the Act. 

To this end, the Board has made each Principal/Headteacher responsible for strategic oversight of each Academy’s Health and Safety Organisation and Arrangements on its behalf. Each Academy’s Principal/Headteacher is expected to reinforce the Board’s intentions on Health and Safety and accepts his or her responsibility for health and safety in their school.

Each Principal/Headteacher has noted the implications of the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 and the Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008 and believes that Health and Safety Management systems in their school are in place and adequately rigorous.  They will monitor those systems diligently.

The Principal will ensure that their school budgets provide adequate resources to cover planned maintenance of grounds, buildings, plant and equipment in a safe condition and also, so far as reasonably practicable, any emergency action needed to ensure the health and safety of the school occupants.

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