Senior Leadership Team
Mrs F Chapman Principal
Mrs L Berry Vice Principal
Miss L Florence Inclusion Lead
Mrs R Grosvenor Assistant Principal
Mr C Fossey Associate Assistant Principal
Mrs P Dawson Regional Inclusion Lead


Middle Leadership Team
Ms S Strode Lower School Lead / Year 2 Teacher
Mrs C Gough RWI Lead / Year 2 Teacher


Operations Team
Mrs A Dyson Operations Manager / PA to Principal 
Miss V Smith Receptionist / Marketing
Mrs B Cooper Finance Officer / Administrator
Miss G Ware Administrator


Teaching Team
Mrs D Oram Class Teacher - Nursery
Miss R Begum Class Teacher - Year R
Mr R Lyne Class Teacher - Year R
Miss K Coombs (maternity leave) Class Teacher - Year 1 (0.6)
Ms J Noslier Class teacher – Year 1 (0.3)
Mrs A Stoner-Wang Class Teacher - Year 1 (0.6)
Ms K Williams Class Teacher - Year 1 (0.7)
Mrs T Edwards Class Teacher - Year 2
Mr T Hutchings Class Teacher - Year 3
Ms N Kashem Class Teacher - Year 3
Ms E Griffiths Class Teacher - Year 4 (0.5)
Mr K Church Class Teacher - Year 4
Ms H MacArthur Class Teacher - Year 5
Ms C Rogers Class Teacher - Year 5
Mrs L Berry Maths Specialist Teacher - Year 6
Mr C Fossey English Specialist Teacher - Year 6
Mr B Morris Head of PE / PE Teacher
Madame Noslier French Teacher
Ms L Brown Music Specialist Teacher


Graduate Co-Teachers / ATTs
Mr A Wemyss Graduate Co-Teacher - Year 3
Mr J Tennant Graduate Co-Teacher - Year 2
Ms J Robinson Graduate Co-Teacher - Year 4


PE Department
Mr B Morris Head of PE
Mr L Prior PE Teacher
Mr L Clarke PE Teacher


Forest Schools
Mr O Brotherton Forest Schools Lead Practitioner


Teaching Assistants
Mrs D Stagno Teaching Assistant
Ms C Cheatle Teaching Assistant
Miss L Smith Teaching Assistant 
Mrs S Ferrett Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Springgay Teaching Assistant
Miss J Morgan Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Hartshorn Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Lloyd Teaching Assistant
Ms L Parfoot 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Ward Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Richards Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Lawrence Teaching Assistant
Miss K Osman Teaching Assistant
Ms C Hill Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Tresidder Teaching Assistant
Ms D Lelliott Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Large Teaching Assistant
Mrs Stanczykiewicz- Baj Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Bray Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Steele 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Kennett Special Needs Assistant
Miss E Joiner Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Hall Librarian


Pastoral Team
Mrs C Bury Sendco / Safeguarding Lead / Attendance and Pastoral care (0.6)
Mrs K George Learning Mentor
Mrs T Brooks Learning Mentor
Miss H Leo Play Therapist
Mrs M Prior Attendance Officer


Catering Team
Ms K Jones Head of Catering
Ms D Chisholm Assistant Head of Catering
Ms V Cleal Senior Catering Assistant
Ms J Keene Catering Assistant
Ms C Williams Catering Assistant


The Site Team
Mr C Pickett Site Manager
Mr B Springgay Assistant Site Manager
Mr G Ferrett Assistant Site Manager
Mrs A Valvona Cleaner
Mrs V Newsom Cleaner
Mrs G Timms Cleaner
Mrs S Patrick Cleaner