ARK Maths Challenge

On Friday 30th January Tania Begum, Brandon Danks, Macey Blackman and Billy Wooloff all travelled to London accompanied by members of staff to take part in the annual ARK Maths Challenge at Ark Academy in Wembley.  The school was very impressive with a view of Wembley Stadium!

Our pupils met pupils from other Ark schools and spent the afternoon concentrating on the mathematical challenges that had been set.

For their first challenge the children were asked to crack some number codes, each code became increasingly difficult.  After success with the easier codes the Ark Dickens children had no hesitation in tackling the more complex ones.  They worked really hard and managed to crack some very complicated sentences.

For the next challenge the children were asked to make specific pictures using pieces from a bag of Tangram pieces (a Japanese shape puzzle).  It was much more difficult than it looked and Miss Minall and Mrs Edwards also struggled!

After a quick refreshment break it was on to the final challenge.  Each child had to play against those from other schools.  The object of the puzzle was to make the number 24 using the 4 given numbers and any operation, (add, subtract, multiply or divide).  The room fell silent with everyone concentrating on the task.

We are so proud of our pupils, it was a long day but they all had a really great time.  Well done to the Mathemagicians and thank you to the staff who accompanied them on the day.