Ark Dickens Primary Academy has rebranded!

New website and logo

As you may have noticed, we have changed our logo and the signage in and around the school. This is to bring us in line with the Ark network branding. We also have a new look website. We hope you will find the website as easy to navigate as before, not too much has changed it's more the look and feel, of course the logo is slightly different.

School uniform

Many of you are now asking what will happen with the uniform?

At the moment.... nothing!

We are not changing our uniform now or at any point in the future. We will of course need to update the logo, however this is going to be a phased process and we are still in talks with Penelope Ann's as to how the new logo will look on the uniform. We anticipate that from September 2017 that only new logo items will be available to purchase, however this is dependant on stock levels of the old style logo with the uniform supplier. We will ask that any new children starting school or nursery in September will purchase new logo stock but for the rest of the school there is no presssure for parents to immediately purchase new logo uniform unless you are replacing items that are outgrown or worn out. There will of course be the requirement that blazers and rucksacks are purchased for children transitioning into year 5 in Sept 2017 but this would have been the case prior to any logo change as it is part of our uniform policy. It is likely that this phasing in of new logo uniform items will take a few years and as long as your child is coming to school in correct uniform according to our uniform policy then items bearing either logo will be acceptable.

Please do contact our school office if you have any questions relating to the school uniform or feel free to contact us via our Facebook page.